Stainless Steel Mini Popsicle Molds. BPA-Free Popsicle Maker Set. 6 Eco-Friendly Ice Pop Molds + Popsicles Holder. Leak-Proof Silicone Seals. Fast Freezing Ice Cream Maker by Kitzini


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  • HOMEMADE POPSICLES: From toddlers to adults everyone loves a popsicle. These ice cream containers for homemade ice cream are simply ideal. Let your little ones chose their favorite flavor. Blend some ingredients - fruit, yogurt, smoothie mixture - pour into the popsicle molds & freeze
  • 6 MINI POPSICLE MOLDS. Ideal for little hands & small tummies. This multipack consists of 6 mini reusable popsicle molds & matching popsicle holders. Plus 6 lids each with a silicone ring, to ensure no spills & perfect popsicle stick placement in your ice cream maker
  • FOOD-GRADE SAFE ICE CREAM MOLD. These stainless steel popsicles are BPA-free & eco friendly products that will last a lifetime. No rusting. No contamination. The sleek cylindrical popsicle mold makes the finished product an easy ice pop treat to eat
  • EASY TO USE. Simply pour in your mixture – leave a little space at the top as it will naturally expand as it freezes. If craving 1 or 2 freeze pops, just lift out individually from the popsicle maker & briefly hold under warm water. The popsicles frozen will pop right out
  • FAST FREEZING ICE POP MOLD. The stainless steel design accelerates the ice pop molds to freeze faster than plastic or silicone popsicle molds. Kitzini kitchen accessories are super functional & this pop it popsicle maker will satisfy your sweet tooth at a moment’s notice