What A Privilege

It Was January, The Time For New Starts, Resolutions, Fresh Thinking… But In All Honesty I Just Didn’t Have It In Me. I Was Feeling Pretty Burned Out And Knew I Needed Change. I Promised Myself A Year Of Looking After Myself A Bit More, Listening To My Body, Being A Bit Kinder To Myself... And Hopefully Realising A Few Dreams Along The Way… If I Had The Energy!

Fast forward to April, and my house was packed up, job on pause and I was on my way to retreat in the heart of the jungle in Costa Rica… pretty much ticking all the objectives I’d set myself in January… pretty proud of myself actually! I arrived at the Hacienda del Solpretty broken… overweight, tired, depleted of all energy and smiles… and was greeted by a loving, compassionate team of health givers. It was at this life-reaffirming retreat that I met Meg. A ball of life, energy and an inspiration. She introduced me to her passion, raw food, and explained to me how life-changing it had been for her. I love Meg’s food philosophy … "Food should be fun, food should be fuel, and food should be personal". She spent many years battling an eating disorder, and in that time, food was her enemy, so she knows what it is like to be in a constant battle with food, to be unsure about what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat. Now, she believes in eating to power your body, your temple, in the most efficient ways possible, and she has helped me to understand and appreciate this too.

Through the care and inspiration I got at The Hacienda, I was slowly brought back to life and smiles… Food became a special indulgence again, but more importantly I understood its critical role as a nourishing fuel. My time at the retreat changed how I see food forever, and I am so grateful to all the team there for their care and patience.

I am therefore utterly privileged and grateful that Meg agreed to contribute one of the recipes from her book to the special eBook we have compiled to accompany every purchase of our Vegetable Spiralizer… a product inspired by Meg and the Hacienda!

I hope you enjoy Meg’s recipe, and if you’d love more, you can join her at www.meghanpearson.ca and buy her book there.

Happy Healthy Cooking