We Are Very Grateful

At The End Of 2013 I Realised I Was Tired. I’d Been Pushing Myself Too Hard, Chasing A Dream I Couldn’t Remember, Striving For Something Unimportant. By The Beginning Of 2014 I Was Pretty Ill, Emotional, Lacking Energy, Low, Stressed…. Something Had To Change. I Honestly Had No Idea Where To Turn, And Just Started Browsing The Net And Reading Anything And Everything That Resonated.

It was then I came across Positive Psychology… the science of helping humans flourish. Through Positive Psychology research we know that a powerful promoter of happiness in life is the creation of a gratitude habit… we recommend you give it a go. For just 21 days spend a few minutes a day reflecting on 3 things you are grateful for… you will be amazed how differently you feel!

Having discovered this simple life technique I came across The Gratitude Project. It is written by the beautiful Ange Simson who is truly one of the world's great inspirers. She created "The Gratitude Project" to give everyone the support they need to create the life they want… This site is for people who want more out of life, everyday in every way. Somewhere to find yummy recipes, natural living tips and ways to become a more positive, grateful person. I know that making a gratitude habit in life can and will change your life for ever… and Ange will inspire you to achieve it.

Ange inspires total health - body, mind and spirit, so it is with immense gratitude that we announce that Ange has offered to partner with Kitzini to provide us with some inspiring recipes to get and stay healthy. Her recipes will feature in our eBook that will accompany every purchase of our Silicone Baking Mats, and can also be downloaded free for every Kitzini Club Member.

I was lucky enough to come across compassionate, caring health givers when I needed it most.. So we hope that, whatever health situation you are in, these words, the words of The Gratitude Project and the information and products we provide, contribute in any way to your health.

Happy Healthy Cooking