Ridiculously Delicious Slow Roasted Tomatoes

You Can Throw Them In Salads And They Make Them About A Million Times Better. If You're Into Scrambled Eggs In The Morning You Can Fold Them Through With Some Spinach And It's Like You're At A Weekend Cafe. In A Sandwich, With Some Lettuce, Avocado And Feta.. It's THAT Good!


Pre-heat your oven to 260° F (Tip! they are more delicious if you cook them slowly at a low temperature for a long time)

Chop your chosen tomatoes in half - any type of tomatoes will do! The bigger they are the longer they'll want in the oven. Spread them on your Kitzini Silicone Baking Mat and sprinkle with a good amount of salt & pepper (add chilli if you dare!) and drizzle over with some good extra virgin olive oil.

Bake for at least 3 hours, I did these for 4.

Happy Healthy Cooking